Anonymous asked:

i need your help.i've been so plagued with the art block and overall depression with my work.. i feel all my art friends surpassing me and i'm trying not to be a baby about it, but i just feel like crying now because everything i'm producing is just garbage. and i feel like i used to be good, i used to be different, but everything makes me feel rotten and i wish it could stop. great artists' work makes me angry and bitter, versus inspired and motivated. what do you think i should do to fix this?

All Toasters Toast Toast Answer:


consider the hummingbird. the hummingbird can flap its wings like a bajilliion times a minute, so does every other hummingbird, all hummingbirds are doing the same thing every day but no hummingbird is gonna stop and be like, this hummingbird is better than me. bc they’re all hummingbirds. doing the same shit.

stop drawing and think about why you even do it in the first place

then be a goddamn hummingbird